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Marijuana Use Not Associated With Psychosis In Young People

May 5, 2019

Marijuana Use Not Associated With Psychosis In Young People

According to the data published in the journal "Adicciones",the history of adult cannabis use is in no way associated independently with an increased risk of psychotic experiences in young people.

A team of researchers and investigators from the University of La Rioja, Spain, carried out research on a sample of over 1,500 adolescents of Spanish origin. The purpose/objective of the research was to explore the relationship between adult cannabis use and psychotic-like experiences.

At the end of the research, they were some psychotic-like behaviors but researchers were able to come to the conclusion that initially identified association between psychotic-like experiences and adult cannabis use were no longer present as soon as the researchers controlled other variables such as alcohol usage, co-morbid psychopathology, socio-economic status, and tobacco usage.

Here are the concluding remarks of the author, "In this study, it was found that after controlling for the effect of the multiple relevant co-variables, the use of cannabis was not related to the frequency and distress associated with psychotic experiences reported by adolescents. Furthermore, these results suggest that the relationships established between psychotic-like experiences and cannabis are complex and mediated by relevant variables."

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