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Cannabis Use Associated With Lower Mortality among Pancreatitis Patients

July 2, 2019

Cannabis Use Associated With Lower Mortality among Pancreatitis Patients

As per the data published in the journal "Pancreas", those suffering from Acute Pancreatitis (AP) and a history of cannabis use are likely to have lower hospitalization costs and also have lower mortality rates when compared with those without exposure to the substance (cannabis).

A team of Researchers from the Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami, carried out a study in order to better assess the efficacy and impact of cannabis exposure on Acute Pancreatitis (AP) patients as far as AP-related cost of care, mortality, and morbidity is concerned. For this purpose, the team of researchers analyzed the record of over 2.8 million AP patients.

At the end of the study, the investigators were able to report that:

"The cannabis-exposed groups had significantly lower in-patient mortality compared with the non-cannabis group.......Cannabis-exposed patients also had decreased length of stay."

Here is what the investigators were able to conclude from their study:

"Cannabis-exposed hospitalized patients with AP had lower age-adjusted, mortality, morbidity, and hospitalization cost than non-cannabis-exposes patients."

The findings of this study are in line with the outcomes of some similar prior studies that also concluded that history of past cannabis usage is linked with lower mortality (in-hospital) among patients admitted for heart attacks, burn-related injuries, traumatic brain injuries and other forms of severe trauma.

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