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Bill C-10: The End of Cannabis Content? May 7, 2021

Bill C-10: The End of Cannabis Content?

In The Once and Future Canadian Democracy, Canadian scholar Janet Ajzenstat writes, “It follows that true Canadians will favour gun control as a matter of course. It’s in keeping with our identity. But think! What about those opposed? Are we supposed to regard them as less than fully Canadian?”According to Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, the answer is yes. When Ajzenstat writes, “It’s one thing to lose a debate in the legislative arena. It happens all the time. It’s part of living in a liberal democracy – but it’s another thing to have one’s national identity called in question,” Justin’s Liberals shrug.

Bill C-10 and Our Democratic Rights

This is the way things have been for decades. Take our current situation with Bill C-10. The federal government wants control over your social media feed. They want to decide what media you...

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