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Former Top DEA Agent Concedes, Cannabis Is Real Medicine February 10, 2021

Former Top DEA Agent Concedes, Cannabis Is Real Medicine

Earlier this year I published a column in this space that looked at longtime prohibition advocate and former high level DEA agent Bob Stutman's recent conversion to supporting the rescheduling of marijuana, citing his own person medical use. In the column I tongue-in-cheek implied that Stutman may have a financial motivation for his new beliefs, as so many other former prohibitionists who later joined the ranks of the cannabis industry. Shortly after the column ran I reached out to Bob, who among other things, confirmed that he does not have any interest in the industry, nor does he plan to in the future. This led to a series of discussions that culminated in a lengthy interview where Bob and I discussed his career, the evolution of his thinking on marijuana, and ways that former adversaries can work together to effect change on this issue. The following is a skimmed down version of the interview, edited for length and clarity. The entire hour plus interview can be heard on the...

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