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A year in, local cannabis sales are sky high January 3, 2021

A year in, local cannabis sales are sky high

CHAMPAIGN -- A year ago, eager customers formed long lines around the cannabis dispensaries in Champaign-Urbana, waiting for them to open on the first day of legal recreational sales in Illinois.

The lines may be shorter now, but with supply no longer as limited, sales are higher now than they were at the beginning of last year.

In January 2020, $39 million of recreational marijuana was sold in Illinois; in November, that figure was more than $75 million, according to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.

"It's been a journey," said Nikki Haese, agent in charge at the Sunnyside dispensary in Champaign.

"Definitely the program is improving as far as supply being more readily available," she said.

Even if parking is limited at the South Neil Street facility, Haese said the location has worked out well. Sunnyside introduced a shuttle system to address the congestion near its shop.


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