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Australia: Senator Introduces Bill to Legalize Recreational Cannabis

October 28, 2018
Australia: Senator Introduces Bill to Legalize Recreational Cannabis

During a session of Parliament yesterday, Senator Rachel Siewert who is the member of the Australian Greens said, "The war on drugs is a war on people".

Senator Siewert is the one who introduced a bill to legalize recreational cannabis nationwide and bring Australia out of prohibition, the bill she introduced is called the Australian Cannabis Agency Bill 2018. As per the memo of the bill:

"In effect, this will mean that - rather than being purchased through a criminal dealer, who has no interest in the welfare of the user, cannabis would be regulated in the same way that tobacco is."

At the moment, there are certain Constitutional requirements that limit the implementation of the proposed bill. For now, it will only be applied to the Northern Territory and A.C.T (Australian Capital Territory). There is a lot of work that needs to be done before bringing the rest of the territories and states into the scheme.

The memo further pledges:

"This needs to be done to ensure that we have a consistent national scheme, which will reduce confusion and ensure that people are not able to access regulated cannabis in one state, but only able to access it via the black market in another."

While it is only the beginning of the game, we are hopeful that a comprehensive recreational bill that also respects the needs of the medical patients would soon be introduced. Till Australia comes with such a bill, we will keep you posted with all the latest developments related to Australia and its legal cannabis policies.

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